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Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach (RMVO) brings the unique combination of a top notch political canvassing operation, face-to-face fundraising expertise, highest quality data collection and management practices, and decades of experience helping Democrats win elections at all levels of government. Since 2010, RMVO has developed and executed superior door-to-door and event-based outreach strategies for all types of clients and campaigns. Our focus is on training our canvassers to have high quality, face-to-face conversations to extend messaging reach and conversation longevity. We ensure your message is strategically implemented, and the message has a lasting effect. RMVO understands that our clients need a partner that can rapidly mobilize large-scale messaging and fundraising campaigns.

Our Specialty

Scaling quickly to meet client needs

Conducting complex and large outreach programs

“Voters called on the phone or sent postcards were not noticeably more likely to vote than those sent nothing. But canvassing was different. Just one in-person conversation had a profound effect on a voter’s likelihood to go to the polls, boosting turnout by a whopping 20 percent, or around 9 percentage points.”

(American Political Science Review. The Effects of Canvassing, Telephone Calls, and Direct Mail on Voter Turnout: A Field Experiment.)

Employment Opportunities

Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach works on campaigns locally in Denver, CO as well as nationally. Please see the current job opportunities by state:

Full-time/Permanent Project Manager
Full-Time/Canvasser and Field Managers

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