Legislative Field Work | Voter ID and Persuasion | Educational Outreach

Success in this line of work is determined by your ability to influence legislation that matters to you and your clients. Like any weapon in any arsenal, the voice of the voting public can be the most dominant of these weapons.

As political insiders we know that the majority of decision making takes place between legislators and lobbyists, and these days it is increasingly rare that the general public takes an active role in shaping public policy. RMVO is here to take these discussions out of the backrooms and into voters living rooms. Many people believe that going door-to-door to speak with people about political issues is reserved for the few months or weeks leading up to an election. The ironic part is that we tend to forget how much power a constituency can hold if they are educated about the problems facing them as individuals or members of a community. We make it our mission to convey a solution oriented message directly to voters on a large enough scale that legislators are forced to take action. Though mass media reaches a wide variety of voters, it lacks the personal touch of face-to-face contact through knocking on doors. Research continually shows that high quality, face to face interaction is the future of the industry. Door-to-door canvassing is a grassroots approach that utilizes our experienced and well trained team of activists to communicate individually with the voting population. These personal conversations with the public reveal accurate statistics regarding public opinion of your campaign, and more importantly, gives us the opportunity to persuade undecided voters.

We target your demographic, and using your messaging we educate the public to enact political change. Whether targeting an individual district, an entire state, a region, or even if you have national needs, we have the experience, contacts, and staff to create a successful and individualized project to get the result you require.