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The Difference...

While the use of call lists, direct mail and ordinary media buys will always be a staple of any campaign, successful campaigns of the future will be those that adapt quickly to what studies have shown:

“Voters called on the phone or sent postcards were not noticeably more likely to vote than those sent nothing. But canvassing was different. Just one in-person conversation had a profound effect on a voter’s likelihood to go to the polls, boosting turnout by a whopping 20 percent, or around 9 percentage points”.

(American Political Science Review. The Effects of Canvassing, Telephone Calls, and Direct Mail on Voter Turnout: A Field Experiment.)

RMVO is here to go face to face with citizens to extend your messaging reach, and longevity. We provide field experts that specialize in organizing a targeted, professional citizen outreach effort to help fill a major campaign hole that seems to grow bigger every day. The RMVO difference is our focus on the necessity in having high quality, face to face conversations with citizens. We are able to develop and execute a superior outreach strategy for all types of campaigns. If you are looking towards the future and need an all-encompassing outreach effort please click the services button below for more information:


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