It is never good to brag about yourself… Luckily, we have others to do it for us.

“We were impressed with RMVO’s ability to adjust strategy and messaging very quickly throughout the campaign. RMVO responded quickly to changing the canvassing program from a voter registration drive to a GOTV canvass based on the changing dynamics of the election cycle. In fact, the request was met with a solution-oriented approach to getting the job done and the GOTV canvass was up and running within 24 hours of the request.”

“We were impressed with RMVO’s ability to adjust strategy and messaging very quickly throughout the campaign. There were times when we asked the team to alter scripts and canvassing schedules, and every request was met with a solution-oriented approach to getting the job done and making the requested changes, usually in less than 24 hours. This is one of the many reasons I would use RMVO again and would recommend it to anyone looking to maximize flexibility with their paid canvassing operation.”

“RMVO’s canvassing team represented our candidates very well at the door throughout the 2016 campaigns, contributing to wins in two key races that made the Nevada Senate one of the only legislative chambers in the country to flip from Republican to Democrat this year. Our caucus learned in 2014 that running a paid canvass in-house presented significant administrative challenges. RMVO’s ability to administer an effective and efficient program allowed our campaign staff to focus their time on other matters. Not having to worry about whether the canvass program was going to run properly on a daily basis was invaluable to managers in the field. It was also refreshing to know every RMVO staff person passed a thorough background check and received daily training in the office to ensure our candidates would get good return on investment for the canvass program. RMVO provided reliable, quality-controlled data on a daily basis that allowed us to make smarter, real-time strategic decisions regarding allocation of resources. Their staff was quick to adjust to any new needs or challenges as they arose. RMVO took a very important part of our winning formula and executed it extremely well.”

“Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach was a key player in my re-election campaign for the Denver Public Schools Board of Education. Their ability to hire people from within my district, to get in and understand the needs of my campaign, and to deliver the results we wanted factored heavily in my victory. The RMVO team is great to work with.”

“RMVO’s door-to-door outreach was a primary tactic used by my campaign to be the next city councilman from District 8. Not only did it allow me to connect and deliver my message one-on-one to the voters of my district, but it also allowed me to develop a better understanding of the needs of our community and how to meet them.”

“The accountability and training provided by RMVO is what makes them one of the best field teams in Colorado. The day to day reporting and communication really helped my campaign stay in touch with voter targeting and what was happening in the district, we couldn’t have done it without them!”

“RMVO, thank you for all of your hard work day in and day out. Having your hard workers on the ground really made the difference.”

“Quality one on one contact with voters at their doors is a crucial component to a successful campaign. You can count on RMVO to be up and running within a day or two. RMVO’s field campaign was very instrumental in helping me to reach and succeed in the run-off election.”

“Being the underdog in the Denver City Council District 5 race, Cory Nadler and RMVO performed tremendous work on my behalf. The grassroots effort of canvassing allowed me to reach the run-off election and is the main reason that I got within 181 votes. Thank you to all of my friends at Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach.”

“Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach’s canvass operation is top-notch. I enjoyed working with RMVO and the highly skilled canvassers. I know that RMVO’s door-to-door outreach kept my campaign competitive. I commend RMVO for their well structured company and willingness to get out there door-to-door with skilled canvassers.”

“It has been a great pleasure to work with RMVO. They presented a plan for the program in a very clear way and made firm, reachable commitments on a final product. They exceeded their goal and produced more signatures for us than they originally committed to and did so on a very fast timeline. They were a very professional team to work with, and I would be more than happy to work with them again in the future.”

Thank you letter from the Mayor Project team:

Dear RMVO,

On behalf of the project team for the Mayor Project, I would like to extend this thanks and appreciation to you three particularly, your company and all of the canvassers who worked so diligently on our project. Your effort, professionalism, attitude and skill paid off for our entire project and for our City. As you know, our effort passed 60% to 40% on November 2, 2010!