Mayor Project Team Testimonial

Dear RMVO,

On behalf of the project team for the Mayor Project, I would like to extend this thanks and appreciation to you three particularly, your company and all of the canvassers who worked so diligently on our project. Your effort, professionalism, attitude and skill paid off for our entire project and for our City. As you know, our effort passed 60% to 40% on November 2, 2010!

In May of 2010, as our preliminary efforts were about to yield a legitimate charter amendment that would change our City to a strong mayor form of government, we faced a daunting task. We had chosen to make this an initiated referendum requiring in a City special election; the result was a need for 25,000 registered voter signatures. And we had a shortened time schedule – 60 days to accomplish this effort.

Nobody on our team had been involved in such an effort and it took only a short time before we realized that we needed professional assistance. Your responsiveness in the bid and proposal phase and the business-like and professional approach to the contracting gave us hope that we could accomplish the task.

Our objective was to get 36,000 signatures in 60 days, 600 per day on average. From the beginning your efficiency, attitude and effort were exemplary. As the easy opportunities for signatures were played out, you stepped up your efforts, employing not only canvassers in public places but also going door to door. You reached the objective; and when the City Clerk decided we had not gathered enough valid signatures, you fulfilled the contract without hesitation, successfully completing the task with time to so spare.

The more impressive aspect of your services though was the spirit and attitude of your team leaders, JR and Drew, and how that infected not only the employees they hired, but also the whole campaign team. Those summer days when the campaign was not yet in full gear and the ground work was being laid for the effort can be difficult. The enthusiasm and energy your team brought to our office was an inspiration to me and our whole team. It was truly a delight to be around all of you.

Once the campaign got into full gear, and the fund raising was able to support it, we asked RMVO to supply door to door canvassers to carry the message to targeted neighborhoods. With the same enthusiasm and effort, JR tackled that challenge and provided great service.

In those targeted neighborhoods, fully 90% of the precincts voted for our initiative by greater than the margin of victory. It was truly startling to see that result; I am convinced that it had as much to do with the effort of RMVO as the messaging and mailing we were also were doing.

Thank you again for the outstanding professional and successful completion of what seemed to be a most daunting task for our campaign. You made it a success and did it with great leadership and positive effort.I would recommend RMVO for any task of this nature to anyone who wants my opinion. And I look forward to working with you again on the next issue!

– Kevin Walker, Campaign Manager, The Mayor Project-Colorado Springs