RMVO’s Grasstop Division uses innovative organization techniques to get your message out, and bring citizen contact information in.

Coalition Building
RMVO’s management team has years of experience coordinating broad coalitions of community groups in order to focus as much attention and pressure as possible on a certain issue, bill or candidate.

By combining our expertise in running paid canvass operations with our knowledge and experience of campaign coordination, RMVO can provide you with the most complete product to help shape the conversation or debate.

Getting contact information and signed letters of support is a staple of our grass-tops work. We also see this as an avenue to build support by getting citizens to form coalitions working to both educate, and persuade.

Event Representation
The issue or candidate that you work so hard for must be represented well at all times. With numerous events happening at the same time during any campaign, there is often a need to ensure your message has sufficient representation. RMVO is equipped to handle this for you. We have a very talented pool of representatives that can speak to small or large crowds, represent your cause at any event, and make sure that an entire event is covered to ensure your messaging reaches the coalitions that matter to you most.

Public Events
This approach is based on the RMVO team attending open events to speak to citizens on the issue. We are well versed in surrogate speaking at small and large venues. We have seen this lead to speaking invitations to other events which can vastly broaden our coalitions.

Individual/Small Group Meetings
Our Grasstop division always has a focus on setting individual meetings with influential citizens and elected officials to educate, and persuade. This in turn will allow us to help individuals build coalitions and gain access to speak with their specific circle of influence.

Multicultural Outreach
It is crucial that every campaign has strong, multicultural understanding and representation. We constantly work toward maintaining that balance. While it can be as simple as translating a flier or speaking the predominate language of a targeted demographic, we are also constantly working with the leaders and decision-makers in those communities to identify the issues and themes that are most important. Above all, we are able to identify how those cultural sensitivities play into messaging and outreach to create the strongest possible method of communication that is surrounded with the right messaging.